Our Work

We, the principals, Tamara and Basil, offer our clients extensive professional expertise and life experience to effect powerful changes in their pursuit of leadership and executive excellence. When our engagements require the presence of more professionals, we call on members of our team of affiliates who have outstanding credentials and training and who are committed to the same cause: Helping clients to harness the energy of their aspirations for extraordinary results.

  • Executive Development
    Organizations that maximize their potential to prosper develop their executives to deal effectively with strategic issues, to leverage change, to increase productivity and to safeguard intellectual capital. Executives who commit to develop successfully these competencies represent models for the way proactive change  integrates into the fabric of every enterprise. They enroll others to their vision. They challenge complacency. They  empower others to take action. They also touch the hearts of those they lead. (more)
  • Team Performance
    In today's business landscape, the lion share of time and efforts of all employees is spent in team activities. These activities present opportunities to brainstorm solutions to problems, to make decisions, to plan projects and to assess progress in enterprise wide initiatives. (more)
  • Career Success
    Career Success is at the intersection of organizational and personal goals. Employees who enjoy their careers are more productive, more innovative and more effective. Organizations that promote career enrichment resources get to the finish line first. (more)
  • Life Design
    The integration of skills and talents with aspirations for changes in life style, career or any other aspect of life is the texture of LIFE DESIGN. The process may be a vital tool at any stage of life. For example, in the US the retiring baby boomers face multiple options,  much different from conventional retirement scenarios of the past. Advances in health care and life style have created Age Power: A group of seasoned professionals and executives with wisdom, financial resources and the health to enjoy them for decades to come. "WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING WITH THE NEXT STAGE OF MY LIFE?" (more)