Executive Development

The Context: Organizations that maximize their potential to prosper develop their executives to deal effectively with strategic issues, to leverage change, to increase productivity and to safeguard intellectual capital. Executives who commit to develop successfully these competencies represent models for the way proactive change  integrates into the fabric of every enterprise. They enroll others to their vision. They challenge complacency. They  empower others to take action. They also touch the hearts of those they lead.
These executives behave in a way that is congruent with what they believe. They disclose and they give feedback. They are authentic and their authenticity engages those they lead.

These executives set well-defined and realistic goals for themselves. They persist in the achievement of goals despite obstacles and resistance. They deal calmly and effectively with high stress situations and balance job and personal responsibilities.

These leaders respond with flexibility of styles to the needs, feelings and capabilities of different people in varied situations. They treat others with respect and relate well to people from varied backgrounds.

These leaders help others see the benefits of partnering with their colleagues as well as internal and external customers. They avoid unilateral gain in dealing with others. They know how to identify common goals and objectives. They develop networks and build alliances. They engage in cross-functional activities. They constantly facilitate "win-win" situations.

The continued development of talented leaders is a tall order that the organization must fulfill to attract and retain the talent it needs for success.

The Solution: Executive Development through powerful diagnostic tools and results-driven interventions is at the core of our business.  We have the experience and the training to engage the clients, to connect their personal aspirations to organizational goals and, while leveraging this engagement, to lead them to extraordinary performance, developing their signature strengths.

At NovAspire, Inc. we become resources, coaches and advocates for executive clients and their unit/organization. We provide a reality check to their goals and how their goals align with those of the organization. We test clients' commitment with tough questions. We hold their feet to the fire. We storm solutions in and out of the box. We hold mirrors to our clients to engage their minds and hearts in lasting change processes leading toward extraordinary executive development.

Representative interventions we use include:

  • Assessment of readiness of senior executives for leading transformational change in their organizations and their people
  • Coaching senior leaders in developing their unique strengths to extraordinary levels
  • Competency profile development for particular executive positions
  • Designing 360 feedback surveys based on client-furnished competencies or benchmarked competencies of leadership excellence
  • Delivering comprehensive feedback and integrating all assessment data, as springboard for extraordinary leadership development plans
  • Coaching senior executives in implementing powerful experiential, on the job, learning programs toward leadership excellence
  • Designing and facilitating Upward Feedback systems, allowing executives to understand and respond to the needs of the people they lead
  • Productive entry coaching of senior executives, assuring successful entry to a new organization
  • Planning and facilitating transition plans for executives moving from one division/ department to another inside the same organization
  • Preparatory coaching of executives and their spouses in view of pending expatriate assignments.
  • Working with senior leaders on developing coaching skills of their people
  • Coaching high potential executives, who may be on the fast track, to get up to speed with emotional intelligence and interpersonal savvy competencies
  • On-the-job Action Learning programs for executives, or groups of executives, to solve business problems and make recommendations to senior management
  • Guiding senior executives’ communications and actions to engage those they lead in a shared vision.
  • Designing and facilitating senior leadership retreats
  • Identifying and leveraging strengths of the organization and its leaders to sustain outstanding results
  • Coaching senior leaders on soliciting feedback on the state of organizational initiatives from diverse sources within the organizations -- to break down the "veil of silence" and “filters of distortion” around leaders