Barry Coleman, M.S.O.D.

Barry Coleman has over 15 years of professional experience helping individuals and organizations achieve sustainable results. Barry is the Founder and Principal of the bcole group, llc, an organization development consultancy, which specializes in training, design and facilitation, coaching, diversity and inclusion management and leadership development. Barry has earned an excellent reputation as a strategic human capital professional. He has a commitment to helping indiviiduals and groups build working relationships that create productive and positive organizational culture.

Barry’s professional experience is in a broad range of industries including government, newspapers, financial services, insurance and labor unions. His clients include the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Transportation, National Institutes of Health, and American Federal State County and Municipal Employees.

Barry is skilled in group dynamics and has achieved outstanding results with large and small group facilitation assignments. Many of his coaching clients have experienced consistent, long-lasting success and recognition for their performance. The bcole group has worked with several organizations developing and delivering training programs, ranging from customer service skills to leadership and management courses.

Barry develops strategic training techniques based on his own professional experience and additional training. This includes certifications from the Center for Creative Leadership Assessments and Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching Program. He also is certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; Dimension Development Inc. Targeted Selection and Assessment and Leadership Training Programs; Achieve Global-Leadership and Management Training Programs; Dialog with Differences: A Model of Diversity Management, and most recently Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI).

Prior to starting the bcole group, Barry was an internal organization development and human resources consultant for The Washington Post. He diagnosed skill deficiencies in leaders, devised robust leadership development plans and identified critical talent. He completed projects on talent management and succession planning; and designed, developed, facilitated and implemented a “Respect in the Workplace” program, which was delivered to managers, employees and union members within the organization.

Barry earned a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University National Training Laboratory Institute, and a Bachelor Degree in Advertising from Pennsylvania State University. He also is a member of the National Training Laboratory Institute (NTL) in addition to several other professional organizations.