Validation by others in the workplace is a great way to increase the value of standardized self-assessment instruments.  We best benefit by feedback from others such as subordinates, peers and past / current bosses. 

 If you decide to obtain assessment of you by others we recommend that you contact the feedback providers and secure upfront their willingness to participate. You need to reassure them that the data, they will give, will be treated anonymously and, that you will not know who said what. Furthermore, and most importantly, you need to emphasize that you want their total candor and that their feedback is essential for your development, because you want to create a validated picture of how your self-assessment matches that of those around you. Also, it is important to tell them that in cases where that match does not occur, they have given you a window to uncover growth areas.

Administration of 360 assessments has been simplified due to the IT and web technologies. It is easy to send e-mails to the feedback providers, giving them instructions on how to reach a secure web site where the 360-feedback survey is located.  It is also easy to collect data and compile feedback; in fact the computer does that for you.  A competent coach will have resources and 360 website vendors to guide you through the 360 process.

In considering, how many feedback providers to select, please keep in mind that it is helpful to involve at least three to five from each category (“subordinates”, “peers” & “bosses”), whenever possible.

With regards to “who” to ask for feedback, our recommendation is to select people who have had opportunities to observe you directly (no hear-say), who workedwith you (in the last 2-3 years), and who you respect for their ability to give you unbiased, solid feedback -  both positive and negative (by all means do not try to improve your feedback data by selecting only from camps that are likely to give you "better” feedback.

When the feedback data has been compiled, it is imperative to have input from a qualified professional coach to help you interpret the data.  Based on the interpretation you may further work with your coach to get more data and, ultimately, to set up goals and action plans that will help your career.


Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Online

Approximate test taking time: 10-15 minutes (about 30 questions)

Time to get results: Instant

Cost:  About $100 for a one year license (you can have an unlimited number of  respondents participate and you can administer the test as many times as you wish in that year)

An interactive tool for administering the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) — the premier 360-degree leadership assessment instrument created by The Leadership Challenge authors, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.

The Leadership Practices Inventory has helped develop the leadership skills of nearly 1 million people worldwide. Now, LPI Online offers simplified, timesaving administration, immediate, streamlined results, and 24x7 web-based access for LPI administrators and participants alike.

This Inventory derives assessment based on feedback from as many people as you designate. It measures the following dimensions of leadership of the well-known and respected Kouzes Posner model:

  • Challenge the process
  • Inspire a shared vision
  • Enable others to act
  • Model the way
  • Encourage the heart