About Us

We, the principals, Tamara and Basil, bring to the table the expertise and extensive experience of Organizational Consultant, Corporate Executive, Licensed Psychologist, Executive Coach, Successful Entrepreneur.

We are partners in business and in life. In our work with senior executives we provide the impact of two sophisticated coaches for more rapid results. We leverage our diversity of thought, education, training, life experience, gender and multicultural perspective as sources of innovative solutions.

We collaborate with a team of affiliates who are highly credentialed, experienced, smart, and emotionally intelligent professionals.

The work and passion of our team makes a huge difference in the lives of our clients. We, and our affiliates, work with executives who are invested in producing extraordinary results for themselves and the people they lead.


Tamara Goldstein, Psy.D., President
Dr. Tamara Goldstein co- founded NovAspire, Inc. in 2004 with her business partner and husband, Basil P. Rouskas, MBA. Tamara shares with Basil the passion for working with extraordinary leaders; leaders who are equally passionate about making powerful changes within and around them. (more)
Basil P. Rouskas, MBA, CEO
Basil is a coach, mentor, advisor and expert in Executive Development. His philosophy on executive development and success has two key anchors: When executives totally commit to something they believe in, and they fully leverage their strengths, they can achieve extraordinary results. This philosophy has been validated through Basil's own experience in corporate life and in the consulting world where he has been a leader, mentor, business coach and professional advisor to thousands of leaders. (more)


Lilian Abrams, MBA, Ph.D.
Dr. Abrams has consulted in Organizational Effectiveness / Development, Training, and Applied Research for over fifteen years. Her specialty areas include Organization Development/Effectiveness; Leadership Development and Executive Coaching; Diversity; Performance Management; Instructional Design and Delivery; and Applied Research (Focus Groups, Surveys, Interviews). Her experience includes leading companies in International Banking, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Investment Banking, and Consumer Products. (more)
Linda Bodnar, Ph.D., SPHR
Linda is an executive coach and organization development consultant with over twenty years of experience in developing and implementing approaches for improving management, executive, and organizational effectiveness.  Her areas of expertise include executive coaching, organizational assessment/development, team development, multi-rater feedback, and career planning.  She has worked with large, medium-size, and small companies across industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, professional services, and non-profit organizations. (more)
Barry Coleman, M.S.O.D.
Barry Coleman has over 15 years of professional experience helping individuals and organizations achieve sustainable results. Barry is the Founder and Principal of the bcole group, llc, an organization development consultancy, which specializes in training, design and facilitation, coaching, diversity and inclusion management and leadership development. Barry has earned an excellent reputation as a strategic human capital professional. (more)
Betty Doo, Ed.D.
Betty Doo is a Leadership Consultant with over 15 years of experience helping organizations and leaders excel. She uses her intelligence, creativity, relationship-building skills and high integrity to deliver consulting services with lasting impact. (more)
Melissa Fristrom, MBA
Melissa Fristrom founded her company, Core Allies, LLC to assist clients for the duration of their career.  With conscious and continuous evaluation, Melissa helps clients navigate uncertain and sometimes difficult obstacles across four practice areas: career change, entrepreneurial success, leadership development, and work/life balance.  She has a broad clientele of private, not-for-profit and corporate clients including Harvard Business School. (more)
Howard D. Leifman, Ph.D.
Dr. Leifman is an internationally recognized expert in the area of human development. He currently advises and consults with corporate clients, consulting firms, not-for-profits and individuals specifically on: career development, executive coaching, change management, counseling, human resources, out-placement, training, recruiting and staffing and time management. (more)
Sean Harvey, MSOD, MSEd
Sean Harveyis a Professional Development Consultant dedicated to helping his clients clarify their professional purpose and realize their potential.  He is recognized for creating insightful conversations that foster professional growth through one-on-one coaching and facilitated workshops, seminars, and retreats. (more)
Renee Russell, MBA
Renee is a thought leader in the areas of Human Capital Strategy, Top Team Performance, Organizational Transformation and Leadership Development, with over 25 years’ experience building the individual, team and organizational capabilities that drive business performance.(more)